Focus and Scope

Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics is a generalist journal in the field of philosophical aesthetics. As the successor to Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics, it publishes research articles that engage with the diverse and rich traditions of aesthetics in Europe and beyond. The editors welcome submissions that aim at bridging gulfs between different traditions and approaches in aesthetics, most importantly between the so-called analytic and continental traditions but also between the systematic and more historical approaches. Moreover, the journal encourages contributions that aim at connecting aesthetics to other sub-fields of philosophy. Estetika is an open access journal that is published twice a year. The journal follows triple-anonymous peer review process.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published online twice a year, in March and September.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. There is no embargo on the journal’s publications. Submission and acceptance dates, along with publication dates, are made available on the PDF format for each paper.

Authors of articles published remain the copyright holders and grant third parties the right to use, reproduce, and share the article according to the Creative Commons license agreement.

Authors are encouraged to publish their data in recommended repositories. For a list of generic and subject specific repositories that meet our peer review criteria, see here.

Journal Archiving

Helsinki University Press focuses on making content discoverable and accessible through indexing services. Content is also archived around the world to ensure long-term availability.

This journal is indexed by the following services:

In addition, the journal is available for harvesting via OAI-PMH.

To ensure permanency of all publications, this journal also utilises CLOCKSS, and LOCKSS archiving systems to create permanent archives for the purposes of preservation and restoration.

If the journal is not indexed by your preferred service, please contact us or alternatively by making an indexing request directly with the service.

Annotation and post-publication comment

The journal platform permits readers to leave comments and in-browser annotations via hypothes.is. Readers will require a hypothes.is account to create annotations, and will have the option to make these public or private. Comments may be moderated by the journal, however, if they are non-offensive and relevant to the publication subject, comments will remain online without edit.

The journal only displays advertisements that are of relevance to its scope and will be of interest to the readership (e.g. upcoming conferences). All advertising space is provided free of charge and the editor and publisher have the right to decline or withdraw adverts at any point. Adverts will include a text heading to make it clear that they are adverts not related to the journal.

If you wish to propose a potential advert then please contact the editorial team. All advert images will have to be provided to the publisher.


Estetika is published in cooperation with Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.

Journal History

Estetika was founded in 1964 as a tribune of Czech and Slovak scholars of aesthetics. It was published by the Institute of Art Theory and Art History at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences with the aim of contributing to the development of aesthetics as a distinct field of scholarship clearly distinguishable from art criticism. In the 1960s, Estetika published articles by scholars from countries of the Soviet bloc, systematically developed the ideas of the Prague Linguistic Circle, and considered aspects of Modern art. The Soviet-led military intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968 was, however, the beginning of the journal’s decline. While Estetika was allowed to continue, it could not develop freely. The collapse of the Communist regime in 1989 enabled Estetika to renew its editorial board and find a new role in encouraging the development of an interdisciplinary approach to the arts and the history of ideas in aesthetics. In 2006, the journal became peer-reviewed.

The last issue of the Czech version of Estetika was published in December 2007. In 2008, the journal was relaunched as Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics, an international journal published in English and German, under the leadership Charles University professor Tomáš Hlobil. In 2012, Fabian Dorsch (University of Fribourg) assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief and the sole language of the journal became English. The journal also adopted the triple anonymous peer review policy. In 2018, the new Editor-in-Chief, Hanne Appelqvist (University of Helsinki), initiated the publishing collaboration between the Faculty of Arts at Charles University and Helsinki University Press. From 2019 onwards, the journal has been open access, and in 2020, the journal’s title was changed to Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics.